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Medieval daily life in Florence

guided tour Medieval daily life in Florence

This private walking tour ideally recreates the aspect of the medieval city of Florence, recalling the customs and traditions of that time.

Identified the two main areas around which the city developed, the political center - Piazza della Signoria - and religious - Piazza del Duomo, we enter the medieval district (where Dante was born) to see the house- towers, the ancient palaces, in order to illustrate, through interesting stories and anecdotes, the medieval daily life in Florence.

The guided tour includes Palazzo Davanzati Museum, also known as Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina (recently restored): the domestic quarters and the kitchen on the third floor illustrate the comforts of the noble family that lived in Palazzo Davanzati, a magnificent and singular example of a mediaeval Florentine house.


The guided tour is particularly suitable for families with children or for little students too, and takes place compatibly with the opening times of the Museum Davanzati.



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