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Special tours of Florence

There are several ways to visit Florence. It has an incredible number of museums, churches, unusual and fascinating places, such as ancient villas or renaissance gardens, different landscapes.

You can lose yourself in the past walking through narrow streets and by medieval towers, you can enjoy beautiful views from the Michelangelo Square and San Miniato al Monte Church, walk through the Boboli and Bardini gardens, combine art and nature in the beautiful Medici Villas located on the outskirts of Florence.

And Florence is more: food, wine and a very high level of artistic handicraft which is famous all over the world.

If you already know Florence and you want to discover new aspects of the city, here are some suggestions for guided tour with alternative itineraries.

Vasari's Corridor

guided tour vasarian corridor

Florence boasts a truly original museum, thanks to the architect Giorgio Vasari’s genius and the magnificence of Medici Family. It is a raised path, fully enclosed, which connects Palazzo della Signoria with Palazzo Pitti, the Medici palace, passing over the shops of the Ponte Vecchio.

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Medieval daily life in Florence

Tour Medieval daily life in Florence

This private walking tour ideally recreates the aspect of the medieval city of Florence, recalling the customs and traditions of that time.

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Artisans’s workshops in Florence

guided tour artisans workshops in Florence

The Florentine tradition of producing  handcrafted goods is alive e very important. Here is still possible to find little artisan’s workshops where objects are still made using the techniques and tools of yesterday.  

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