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Guided tour of Michelangelo in Florence

Michelangelo is indissolubly bound to the history and art of Florence. This private guided tour will allow you to retrace the most significant steps of the great artist, following some of his masterpieces that are still preserved in Florence.

Depending on the time at your disposal, the guided tour can be divided into 3 (half day) or 6 hours (full day).

The half day guided tour includes the Accademia to see the famous David, and Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures: the Prisoners (Slaves) made for the Pope Julius II’s tomb, San Matteo and the Pietà from Palestrina. On our tour, we will also visit the New Sacrestyin the Medici Chapel, conceived by the Medici to recognize their dead: Lorenzo il Magnifico and his brother Giuliano, Lorenzo’s son Giuliano Duke of Nemours and Lorenzo’s grandson, Lorenzo Duke of Urbino. The guided tour ends at the Bargello Museum, which houses other masterpieces by Michelangelo as Bacchus, Tondo Pitti and Brutus.

In addition to this museums, the full day guided tour includes Buonarroti House, the building purchased by Michelangelo for his family that still preserves the artist’s early works (Madonna della Scala and the Battle of the Centaurs) and finally Michelangelo's tomb in Santa Croce Church.


Entrance fees to museums are not included.


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